A photograph a day journey.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Day 73, 74 and 75

It has been a bat crap crazy week.
In and out of LDR (will this child just come already?!),
trips out to the inlaws,
and all around nesting.
Day 73
I am oh so round. Seriously, nothing fits.
Day 74
Some of Hubby's old piano books.
He wasn't impressed that the old books were the focus of my picture.
He wanted me to use the newer ones.
Day 75
 "So darlin if you're wonderin, why I've got you here tonight

I wanna be your husband, I want you to be my wife
Ain't got much to give you, but what I've got means everything
                                                                         It's my last name"
(My last name, Dierks Bentley)
There are a few things in life,
that I am proud of.
The first being my Husband.
And then a bit farther down the list is his last name.
Not only is it "a gooder" (as he puts it) but it is like royalty
in the town that we live in.
Mention that you are an Evans, and people know who you are.

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