A photograph a day journey.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day 33

I know, for the most part, that everyone thinks that their husband is the best.
But they are wrong. 
My husband clearly outshines everyone else's.
My husband is the best
He loves me, clearly this is not an easy task.
I am selfish, unmotivated, lazy, look like a beached whale, and whine...just to name a few.
He washes the dishes, even without me asking him. 
He bought me a new hard drive, to store all my pictures so that I wouldn't lose them again.
He reads to the baby, which clearly puts him at number 1.
He's a firefighter, which sometimes drives me nuts. 
He is patient with me, and really everybody else.
He is a hard worker, at one point he was working 3 jobs just to pay for my engagement ring
He is mine, this coming May we will have been together for 6 years. 
We were off-again-on-again dating that time but always within arms reach.
Happy early valentines day my love.
Love Kait. 

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